London 4s

18. 05. 2018

From May 14th to May 18th we spent some exciting and awesome days in England’s capital. What a great experience that was to see all the famous landmarks, taste food from all over the world and meet and talk to the British.

Weather conditions were great and absolutely perfect for a boat ride on the river Thames or a hopp on hopp off city tour on a doubledecker. We enjoyed the shows of street artists at Covent Garden, the performances of „Lion King“ and „School of Rock“ in London’s West End, the hustling and bustling in the capital’s busy shopping streets and relaxing in Hyde Park. Our stay full of highlights sadly passed too quickly and before returning home we caught a breathtaking last glimpse over the city from Sky Garden. Tired but happy and unforgetable moments in our mind we touched down at Salzburg airport knowing that we will return to stunning London one day.